Custom Engraved Medical Alert Stainless Steel Charm

  • $12.50

Only 10 left!

This could save yours or a family members life. Help first-responders when time is crucial and every second counts.

Unless requested otherwise, I will engrave in all capital letters, Helvetica font as it is easiest to see.

Size: 1"x1"

I can engrave names, phone numbers, conditions, allergys, medication. Anything you wish but keep in mind that the less that needs to be engraved, the larger I can make the letters and easier it is for a first responder to read.

Example list:

Bee-Sting Allergy
Blood Thinner
Diabetic Type 1
Diabetic Type 2
Diabetic Insulin Dependant
Heart C.A.D.
Peanut Allergy
Penicillin Allergy
Stent Impant
Your Phone Number and or Primary Doctors Number


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