Custom Engraved Hebrew Brass Ornamental Plaque

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Show remembrance for the fallen or any important date that you wish immortalized.
Size: 3/8" x 2" , 1/2" x 3" , 3/4" x 4"
Example Plaques:
Happy Birthday
יום הולדת שמח
In loving memory
בזיכרון אוהב
When messaging me, please use the exact letters that are to be engraved, or be very specific in the way that you want something engraved. Pictures or Google Translate will work also. 
Unless specified otherwise, I will blacken the text. Can see the difference between pictures 1 and 2. 
In picture 4 you can see the light hitting the brass to give you a better idea how the brass looks under direct light.

Option of Nails, or Double-Sided Tape

Fonts: Aharoni is the default font that I engrave in. You can see it in the first and 3rd plaque. 
Hadassah is more fancy. Can be seen in the middle plaque. I can engrave in this font per request.
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