Plaque Maintenance

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How to keep the brass plaque clean

If you need to clean your brass plaque dab some cleaner on and spread evenly with a finger.
Take a soft cloth such as a micro-fiber and wipe off. A microfiber cloth is less likely to cause any abrasion that may lead to scratches on the surface of your plaque.

If you dust off fingerprints and grime at least once a year you will minimize the chances of corrosion/tarnish appearing.


Car Wax

After it is clean you can apply a thin coat of car wax once a year. This will help it last longer without corrosion. But it is really optional. As long as it is not outdoors in the elements it should be fine.


If brass was discoloured or corroded, how to restore?


1. Remove any dust/grime first.

2. You can either purchase cleaner or make your own and mix together
half a lemons juice with 1 Teaspoon baking soda.

3. Apply the paste to the tarnished area with a soft cloth. If it is particularly
bad you can apply the paste and wait for 10 minutes before coming back. This may help loosen corrosion before wiping off.

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